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Welfare Facilities

Student Hall / Playground / Open-air theater

Student Hall

Hall, lounge, student self-governing organizations, club room, newspapers, broadcasters, on-site bookstore, Health Mutual Aid Association, Division of students, Scholarship and Welfare Division, the post office, Hana bank, welfare shop, photo shop, barber shop, cafeteria and student welfare facility are available throughout.

Main Playgrounds

The main playgrounds equipped with artificial turf, are composed of the latest facilities including a football field, athletics track, inline skating track and basketball court are at the renewed service for the family members of the University ass well as those of the entire community

Open-air theater

As a student activity space which can accommodate up to 5,000 people, it is equipped with lighting and sound facilities and stage cascade stand facilities required to hold a large outdoor rally and performances of theater, music and dancing and etc.

Art Space Hall

Information for Use

  • Location : On the first floor of the 60th anniversary Memorial Hall
  • Use: Only for arts performance
    • – Use of other purposes except performance not allowed for Rent
    • – No club events allowed for Rent
  • Available for use during weekdays (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
  • Actual expenses to be charged for the use other than teaching
  • Number of seats: 267 seats
  • Facility
    • – Acoustic Facility (wired and wireless microphones, CD, DVD, recordings. Please inquire for other details)
    • – Multimedia facilities (beam projectors, screens, lectern electronics, computers. Please inquire for other details)
    • – Lighting facilities (general lighting, specialty lighting, lighting. Please inquire for other details)
    • – Stage equipment ( Please consult before the use and installation)
    • – Banners (horizontal 13m * vertical 90cm)
    • – Air-conditioning
    • – Others (rehearsal before the event, public ceremony and a presentation pointer to be prepared by the user. Please inquire about the external connection of the facilities and etc.)

Health Mutual Aid Association

What is Health Mutual Aid Association ?

Health Mutual Aid Association offers payroll deduction benefits, professional care services, general medical services, disease prevention and health promotion services to the students for their health management.

Salary deductions (hospital cost-refundable) benefitsDouble benefits together with private insurance available.

By deducting the payment of the members (70% reimbursement of medical care expenses) it reduces the burden of hospital medicare fees.

  • Sign Up

  • Documents to be received

    • Receipt (hospitals, pharmacies)
    • Student ID
    • Initial examination record (orthopedics, emergency room) or diagnosis certificate (for the payer of more than ₩100,000 )
    • Within 6 months from the medical treatment
  • Review of Treat-ment cost

  • Reimbursement 70% of medical care expenses

  • Exception of payment: the uninsured, a wholly self-burdening cost, traffic accidents, violence, self-harm and etc.
  • During the semester on leave of absence, not eligible to receive benefits (benefit eligible for absentees on leave due to diseases if only the subscription is approved,)

Specialized medical services

Health care and specialized medical services are provided to students free of charge in conjunction with the Wonkwang hospital

  • Medical care of internal medicine

    • By doctors sent from Wonkwang hospital
    • Mondays (14:00 ~ 16:30)
    • Wednesdays (9:20 ~ 11:50)

    Dental treatment

    • By doctors dispatched from Wonkwang Dental Clinic
    • Tuesdays, Wednesdays (14:00 ~ 16:30)

    Oriental medicine treatment

    • By doctors dispatch from Wonkwang Oriental Hospital
    • Thursdays (14:00 ~ 16:30)
  • Receipt

  • Treatment

  • Specialized medicaments for free supply

    First diagnosis and panorama inspection fees free linked with Wonkwang Dental Clinic

    Free treatment of Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping

General Practitioner Services

By treating the wound care depending on general symptoms and supplying general medicaments, it aims for the early treatment and prevention of infection by rapid wound healing and relief of the symptoms

Disease prevention and health promotion services

By prevention or reduction of smoking, obesity measurement, prevention from parasite and emergency treatment, it aims for early treatment and prevention of infections to ensure a healthy life

  • Smoking Clinic, in-body measured herbal care, public health station

  • 6 weeks program participation

  • Smoking supplements, acupuncture for non-smoking, body fat measurement

  • Rental of emergency medicine bag

  • Subscriptions receipt

  • Emergency medicine, fast-acting digestant , headache and fever medicine, diarrhea medicine, Band-Aids, pain relief patch, elastic bandages and etc.

  • supplying repellent

  • Twice a year supply (April and October)

  • Location : Student Center second floor, TEL 82-63-5238~9, FAX 82-63-7167