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Together with WKU

Public lecture service of university classes KOCW

KOCW - Korea Open Course Ware

It is the actual practice of sharing in university teaching – Wonkwang University
Public lecture service KOCW

Learning is everywhere.
The public service of university teaching comes along with Wonkwang University together.

It is promoting public lectures in every semester, and expanding learning opportunities for everyone by disclosing more than 130 courses currently

Public teaching areas at Wonkwang University

  • Social Sciences155
  • Humani
  • Education13
  • Science12
  • Arts/ Athletic12
  • Enginee
  • Medicine/ Pharmacy8

Global Humanities Extension

By setting a variety of new humanistic themes in numerous areas, including philosophy, history, sociology and politics, in each semester, it proceeds the special lectures by inviting eminent professors including domestic and foreign scholars, and top specialists, and, particularly opening them to the general public, we practice sharing the knowledge of the university. See home page