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Exchang Students Program

1. Purpose

The program that will attract the overseas sister university students in the school for a given period of time in accordance with the agreement content after establishing a mutual agreement on the students and credits exchange with an overseas University by signing International Academic Exchange Agreement

2. Personnel selection and qualification

The persons recommended by overseas sister universities on the basis of the agreements concluded between the two universities

3. The application form of exchange student program

The application form of exchange student program
No. Documents
1 Application
2 Letter of recommendation
3 Personal statement and study plan
4 Transcript
5 Certificate of enrollment
6 Passport copy
7 Additional documents for Chinese students
– Copy of Inhabitants identity proof
8 3 photos (3×5) on the white
9 Copy of Korean Proficiency Test -TOPIK
10 English language proficiency certification copy

4. Support for exchange students


  • (Common), tuition waiver for a semester or a full year
  • (Uncommon) exemption of campus dormitory and meals – a differential provision according to the agreement made by each College

Exchange student pickup

  • For the safe arrival of exchange students, our school offers transfer convenience from the arrival points such as Incheon international airport, Gunsan port and etc.

Korean language courses for Exchange students only

  • It operates the Korean language courses for Exchange students only in order to help exchange students to improve Korean language proficiency and adapt themselves to college life. Korean language courses consist of Beginner course and Intermediate course and they proceed the Level Test for the students after their arrival.