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Visa, What is it?

  • In the original sense of the word, visa means a kind of endorsement or confirmation. However it has different meanings, depending on national policies.
  • The countries are divided into two groups with a group which interpret that visa is an “OK entry permit” to admit that you can get into the country and other group which interpret the meaning and significance of visa as “Immigration recommendation action” for the immigration permit applications submitted by the foreigners
  • In our country, it is understood to mean the latter, the ” the recommendation of immigration of foreigners toward their projected entry permit application”.
  • Therefore, if a foreigner in possession of a visa, fails to comply with the entry permit requirements in the result of the review by the immigration officer at the airport, he may not be allowed to enter the country.

Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance

  • The petitioner, either the foreigner wanting to enter the country or the inviter of the foreigner, apply for issuance of Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance at the residence-competent immigration office or its dispatch office submitting the necessary documents to in the visa issuance certificate issued by address.
  • When the directorof immigration office or branch office decides visa issuance deemed justified, then he notifies to the applicant or petitioner Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance or the certification number of the visa issuance.
  • The foreigner being notified of the visa or visa number, is to apply for a visa application to the visa section of the embassy with the application form indicated with the number.

※ Validity period of the visa issuance certificate is three months and its validity is acknowledged for only one visa.

Visa and residence information

1. China visa issuance

China visa issuance
No. Required documents
1 Application of Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance
2 1 Photo – Background white, 35mm x 45mm
3 Passport copy
4 Certificate of Admission(Standard form)
5 Last school education(graduation) Proof certificate (Education Certification Report) (cdgdc or chsi)
– No substituted by Consular Certificate
6 Diploma (graduation certificate) copies
– The person having completed first semester of senior year of high school : transcripts, certificate of graduation exam passed, to be submitted instead of a graduation certificate ( Submission of Diploma (graduation certificate) is necessary in change of status of stay later)
7 Documents proving family relationships
– The original family register, a copy
– If parents are not listed in the same family register due to death, divorce and etc.: kinship notary, birth certificate to be submitted additionally
8 Confirmation of translators (translation is enough only to translate the parent’s names in English. English name, date of birth recorded and then submitted for confirmation. Detailed translation of the family registry not required)
9 Financial performance certificate (proof of funds issued within one month)
– International students (D-2): $ 13,000
– Language Students: $ 5,000
– After the change of status of stay permit and at the application of stay extension, It should be proved the sum equivalent to the amount proven at the time of invitation has been brought into the country and used for living expenses, etc. ( entering the country, foreign currency import certificate, transfer certificate must be issued)
10 Parents certificate of employment (valid without translation)
– Company telephone number, income, etc. required to be indicated

2. D-4 → D-2 Visa status change

For Language course Students degree, they need to change the visa status to D-2 until University enrollment after passing the admission exam

Visa status change
No. Required documents
1 Application
2 1 Photo – Background white, 35mm x 45mm
3 Passport, alien registration card
4 The proof certificate of final education (academic certificates)
– Chinese student: certificate of education or degree by the Chinese Ministry of Education, – Cdgdc or chsi
– For the students of following country-born nationals the student who received the degree from the University located in one of the following countries : The Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and Peru
1) The students from the state which signed Apostille Convention l : Apostille
2) Other students: academic proof certificate confirmed by Korean consular mission or confirmed by the consular mission of their country stationing in Korea.
5 Original and copy of diploma
6 * Financial performance certificate (proof of funds issued within one month)
– Only the bank statement for deposit proof should be issued by domestic banks within one month
– International students (D-2) (1 year): cost of living approximately ₩ 7,000,000+ 1 year tuition cost= approximately 1.2 million won
– Language Students (D-4) (6 months): cost of living approximately 3.5 million won + 6 months tuition = approximately ₩ 7,000,000
* A copy of bank book, account transaction details of one year
7 Confirmation of translators ( English name of parents, date of birth to be listed, a copy of parents passport to be attached if available)
8 Family relationships proof documents and translations
– China: family register or kinship notary ( if parents are not listed in the same family register due to death or a divorce: birth certificate to be submitted additionally) Philippines: Family Census, Indonesia: Family Certificate (KARTU KELUARGA), Bangladesh: jeommeo kkakkeojeu or jeomma ssayideuticket, Vietnam: family register or birth certificate, Mongolia: kinship certificate, Pakistan: family certificate, Sri Lanka: Bbaulreo certificate, Myanmar: family certificate (Yingtaungsusaen), Nepal: jeonmadalda, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Thailand: birth certificate
9 Certificate of Admission
10 Tuition certificate
11 Certificate of enrollment
12 Residence certificate (mandatory submission)
– Dormitory move-in students: dorm resident certificate
– Students living outside campus : tenancy agreement (to be immediately reported in case of adress changes after the stopover. In case of no report of the chage of registered address and the old and new addresses found different, a penalties of ₩1,000,000 can be imposed due to the undeclared moving)
13 Final certificate of language course education, transcript (Including attendance records
– for students who completed language course education
14 Fee 130,000 won ( ₩100,000 for change of status + ₩ 30,000 for alien registration card reissue)

3. Alien Registration

Students who do not have alien registration card must complete the alien registration within 90 days after admission.

Alien Registration
No. Required documents
1 Passport
2 Color photos (half size of name card) 1
3 Certificate of enrollment
4 Fee ₩30,000

4. Report of Residence Change

If you live in a house with foreign students change it must be reported.

Alien Registration
No. Required documents
1 Passport
2 Alien Registration Card
3 Stopover(residence) change report

5. Extension of Stay

If foreign students will stay in the Republic of Korea beyond the period of stay permit, must obtain a visa extension.

Extension of Stay
No. Required documents
1 Passport
2 Alien Registration Card
3 Application for Extension of Stay
4 Certificate of enrollment
5 Transcript
6 Tuition Payment Certificate
7 A copy of the bank account (balance of more than 3 million won required)
8 Fee ₩60,000