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The Wonkwang University dormitory can house 3,670 persons. On campus, there are 8 buildings for living including Haknim Hall (15 levels) and Boeun Hall (13 levels). Off campus, there are Dodeok Hall for students studying medicine and students preparing for the national examinations, Seowon Hall for students of Won Buddhism studies, and Woojeong Hall for students of military services division. In the dormitory, students from different hometowns and countries can spend time together to learn each other’s languages and cultures. By doing so, they can expand their network, learn to build human relationships, control themselves and prepare themselves for the world. The double rooms will provide a internet connection. Other facilities include common bathroom, shower, study room, lounge, gym, cafeteria, snack bar, laundromats, and others for convenient campus life.

Foreign Language dormitory, Hakrim-gwan

  • Language center: Multimedia room, lounge, fitness center Girls
  • hakrim tube: Reading room, lounge, people lose

Boeun-gwan, Samdong-gwan, Chungwun-gwan, Gaebyuk-gwan, Saun-gwan

  • Boeun-gwan : male gym
  • Samdong-gwan : Foreign Hostel, Hostel for the disabled, Reading room, lounge
  • Chungwoon-gwan : table tennis
  • Gaebyuk-gwan : restaurant, lounge
  • Saun-gwan: counseling, foreign professors hotel, meeting rooms, reading room


  • Law School, athletic talent

Dodeok Hall

  • Students preparing for state examination, Department of Medicine boy students

Seowon Hall

  • Won buddhism department (preliminary monks)

Woojeong Hall

  • Military Faculty

Sharing and voluntary service,
Wonkwang man of practice–DoDream
voluntary service in Nepal

cultivating virtue through
rigorous life guidance

Dorm life is run by students basically on voluntary basis, but life guidance is strictly enforced. The sanction point system is strictly applied to fulfill the life’s guidance so thoroughly that if the penalty point is accumulate a lot, appropriate measures including contacting parents is necessitated. But sometimes the student decides for filing a complaint with the rigorous life guidance, the position of the student dormitory is that this part can never be compromised. It is because the original purpose of the student dormitory is to cultivate the virtues required of them as leaders of the future. Meals are provided three meals a day, including holidays, and they are prepared with the mother’s heart from purchasing foodstuffs to the cooking process.

Enchanted Feast full of festive
romance and friendship

Student Dormitory will provide the theatre of the festival to share the romance and friendship of university life. In May and November each year, the Day of the Sketch will be held. The Student Dormitory Festival running with Open House, Sports Competition and Talent Show presents a meeting point for sharing friendship and romance while deepening friendship between seniors and juniors.