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  1. Applicants who are qualified by laws as having academic accomplishment as or above high school graduation
  2. Applicants free from violations of laws related with immigration control
  3. Foreigners aged below 30 years(applicants born after 1989 for an admission in 2018)*Requirements or qualifications may vary depending on the activities in home countries of students

Application Documents

  1. Application form of the Korean Education Center (Photo 1 sheet attached ) 1 set
  2. Biographical description in the format of The Korean Language Education Center (training purposes specified) 1 set
  3. Last school graduation certificate (Korean translations) 1 set
  4. Transcript from the last school (Korean translations) 1 set
  5. Education records query results: ※ see below
  6. Confirmation of translators (Immigration Office form)
  7. proof of identity copy/ passport copy 1 set
  8. Original registry document on the latest family registration (all family members included) (Submission by only Chinese nationality students required )
  9. Deposit of $ 3,000 into Korean Education Center account
    (Including the amount of the second semester tuition)
  10. Financial proof documents (certificate of deposit balance over US $ 5,000)
    – The deposit shall be made at least 1 month before the day of certificates issuance
  11. Certificate of employment of any part of the parent (Korean translations) 1 set
  12. 4 photos ( photos for passport: color photos 3.5 * 4.5cm taken in last three months or less)
  13. Application Fee ₩ 50,000 (Application Fee will not be returned)

※ Reference documents for degree (academic) proof certificates: The alternative from following ①, ②, ③

  • ① Degree (academic) proof certificates which received Apostille confirmation
  • ② Degree (academic) proof certificates which were duly confirmed by Korean consular mission stationing in the country where the relevant school is located, or confirmed by the consular missions stationed in Korea, which represents the country where the relevant school is located
  • ③ Degree and certification report issued by the Accreditation Operations Center for Education operated by the Chinese Ministry of Education
    ( Only for the holders of Chinese education degrees)

How to apply for Education and Degree Certification issued by Chinese Ministry of Education including

  • ① Education Certification Report: Apply at the National Higher Education Student Information of China and Career Advisory Center (Ministry of Education Certification Center,
  • ② Degree certificates : Apply at the China Degree and Researcher Education Development Center (Ministry of Education Accreditation Center,
  • ③ Through the application at the official agency Confucius Institute in Seoul, South Korea (Korea-China Cultural Cooperation Research Institute ) (Contact: +82-2-554-2688)

How to submit Education Proof Certificates for Chinese applicants

  • ① If the last attended school is the high school.
    • a) High school graduates (one of the following alternatives):
      Cao Cao (高考) report (Ministry of Education authentication) and graduation certificate (issued by its Principal)
      Rui Cao (會考) pass certificate or Rui Cao (會考) report (Ministry of Education authentication) and graduation certificate (issued by its Principal)
      ※ In the case of graduate-to-be, the graduation certificate can be replaced by the appropriate transcript issued by its principal (for third grade second semester or more)
    • b) (Secondary) vocational high school graduates: Graduation Certificate (Ministry of Education authentication)
  • ② If the last attended school is the college or higher : Degree Certificate or Graduation Certificate indicated with the degree (Ministry of Education authentication)
  • ③ In the case of the transfer to another domestic universities by the students attending the domestic universities or the such currently : Last Education Certificate (Degree Certificate for bachelor’s degree or higher) (Ministry of Education authentication) and attendance certificate of current school(issued by the principal)

Application and procedures


  1. Foreigners whose native language is not Korean
  2. The person who received regular high school education or the equivalent in his country


  1. Students will be selected by document screening
  2. The selected students will receive the documents needed for Admission, visa issuance and etc
  3. Students seeking admission must obtain a visa (D-4) from South Korea’s embassy or consulate
  4. Students should arrive at Wonkwang University 3-4 days before the school begins at the latest dates