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Graduate School

Leaders in their respective fields of knowledge-based society led training

With a view to cultivating human resources that will contribute to the academic and cultural development of the society research matching skills by academic a, it has opened Masters courses in 1967 and PhD courses in 1972 and, as present of October 2013, after more than 40 years since the launching of the courses, it operates the Masters courses at 71 departments, PhD courses at 62 departments, MA, PhD integration courses at 18 departments and the academic-industrial collaboration courses. Meanwhile, the alumni of more than 7000 MAs and 3,300 PhDs who were discharged herefrom have been actively working in all walks of life and leading the knowledge-based society.

  • Homepage location
  • Division of education and training (Student Service Hall 2nd floor, TEL +82-63-850-5118~9 FAX +82-63-850-7175)
  • Master’s and PhD programs: 4 semesters (2 years), Integrated graduate courses: 8 semesters (4 years)/daytime

Professional Graduate School of Oriental Medicine

The flag bearers committed to characterize the qualities of Oriental Medicine with a view to consolidate the national competitiveness

In September 1999, it has been launched as a professional graduate school characterized in
Oriental Medicine with the aim set to research and develop a practical theory of Oriental Medicine and further create a high value-added industry by applying it in clinical practice and studies. Meanwhile, it has paved the way towards the remarkable achievements in Oriental Medicine studies as well as the applied industrial sectors such as the traditional chinese medicine(TCM) approach to intractable disease treatment, development of skin disease treatment and cosmetic raw material, introduction of herbal health functional food in terms of TCM wellbeing and health screening technology applying industrial TCM science, while bringing about the result of enhancing our country’s competitiveness through it. It continues to pursue for the differentiation of graduate education in order to further strengthen these capabilities.

  • Homepage location
  • College of Oriental Medicine, Division of education and training (College of Oriental Medicine 1st floor, TEL +82-63-850-5192, FAX +82-63-850-5195)
  • Classes: 4 semesters (2 years)/daytime

Law School

Fostering the lawyers equipped with the combined knowledge of science and didactic philosophy(dohak)

It has been focusing on turning out the legal profession committed to contribute to the local community, the state and the world, while taking the lead in complying with the legal and ethical standards of the international community. The categories of the talent whom the Law School aims to nurture, are divided into three large areas as follows.
First, the talent of legal profession specialized in medical life sciences law, required by the priority business of the community which advances to the world based on Jeolla-bukdo region including Iksan, such as bio-industrial complex, state-of-the-art medical industrial complex and the field of food cluster.
Second, the legal profession armed with a moral leadership and committed to contribute to the country and society through retaining the balance between science and law and the harmony of morale and knowledge.
Third, as the saying that what regional is what the most global is, it is the legal profession committed to serve the nation and lead the world further while serving as the regional leader in the area. As mentioned above, it focuses on fostering the professional fit for globalization, serving as the leaders of society and nation, while respecting the value of life, being armed with the combined knowledge in science and traditional didactic philosophy(dohak) as well.

  • Homepage location
  • Division of education and training (Law School 1st floor, TEL +82-63-850-5083~5, FAX +82-63-850-5086)
  • Classes: 6 semesters (3 years) / daytime

Graduate School of Education

The stepping stone leading to education professionals of the 21st century model

After receiving the installation permit in 1980 it has been nurturing teachers of the whole man personality who are capable to practice the humane education through the training focusing on both knowledge and virtue as well. With the current 15 majors in operation as of the year 2014, it has turned out many a education professionals such as the teachers actively interested in the latest theories and research trends in educational theory and curriculum pedagogy, the curriculum education specialist teachers, talented with the competencies required to apply educational theory to the education fields and education professionals who possess the attitude and knowledge required for professional performing in pedagogy, with remarkable contributions to the development of school education.

  • Homepage location
  • Special Graduate School, Division of education and training (Student Hall 2nd floor, TEL +82-63-850-5124~5, FAX +82-63-850-5123)
  • Classes: 5 semesters (2 years and 6 months)/Tuesday. Wednesday (night)

School of Management

Regular MBA course to learn a new paradigm of management

It is the regular MBA program that provides a new paradigm on how to approach and solve business problems by educating the response capabilities to changing management environment, innovation ability, market development capabilities, and decision-making skills and communication skills and etc., targeting at corporate middle managers or chief executives.

  • Homepage location
  • Special Graduate School, Division of education and training (Student Hall 2nd floor, TEL +82-63-850-5178, FAX +82-63-850-5137)
  • Classes: 5 semesters (2 years 6 months)/Wednesday, Thursday (night)

Graduate School of Public Administration

A road-map towards professional administrators responsible for the development of national and local government

It nurtures administrative professionals who can actively respond to the rapidly changing internal and external environment, by researching and teaching the theory and practice of Public Administration. In order to realize this goal, it has organized the education courses which are organically connected with various fields of studies and been delivering a live information by inviting sectoral experts and top-notch faculty. It offers the ‘Top Policy Manager Course’, the short-term extension course, for the CEOs in various fields.

  • Homepage location
  • Special Graduate School, Division of education and training (Student Hall 2nd floor, TEL +82-63-850-5139, FAX +82-63-850-5137)
  • Classes: 5 semesters (2 years 6 months)/Wednesday, Thursday (night)

Graduate School of Oriental Studies

Exploration of oriental wisdom to be grafted and applied to the field of life

It has been established to inherit and develop the tradition and culture of the Eastern accumulated in the history of mankind, through cultivating moral and intellectual talents who will contribute to the development of the nation as well as the whole society of mankind, In other words, it aims to explore the solution to the various contradictions and problems faced by modern society, which stemmed from the contemplation structure of the Western biases through balancing it with the philosophy and principles of the East, so it makes in-depth research thereof while operating a variety of traditional academic courses of theoretical studies and applied disciplines as well, which comprise “Gi”(spirit) science, Eastern philosophy, yoga science, calligraphy cultural studies, etiquette culture and tea ceremony studies, Korean traditional dress science, preservation and restoration of cultural assets of painting and Zen meditation psychotherapy studies and etc.

  • Homepage location
  • Special Graduate School, Division of education and training (Student Hall 2nd floor, TEL +82-63-850-5342~3, FAX +82-63-850-7303)
  • Classes: 5 semesters (2 years 6 months)/Tues Wed Thurs Fri (night)

Graduate School of Health and Complementary Medicine

Frontier of the whole-man medicine to supplement the limitations of conventional medicine

It creates the whole-man medicine to complement orthodox medicine by studying scientifically the healthcare system and healing resources that fail to belong to the orthodox medicine and applying them in clinical practice for further development, while it trains professionals equipped with the academic knowledge and qualifications for this.
It operates 13 Master’s degree programs in five departments such as Health Science, Arts Therapy, Natural Therapy, Speech Pathology, Special Psychological Therapeutics, and classes are conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (evening) for five semesters (2 years 6 months).

  • Homepage location
  • Special Graduate School, Division of education and training (Student Hall 2nd floor, TEL +82-63-850-5878, FAX +82-63-850-5879)
  • Classes: 5 semesters (2 years 6 months)/Tues Wed (night)

Graduate School of Food Industry and Technology

Nurturing the talent to play a key role in the food industry

The food deemed essential for human beings to live healthy lives, is now shifting its role as responsible for the biological control beyond providing nutrition and taste. To cope with the trends that such food and life industry is emerging as high value-added business, it trains the specialized personnel whose capability combines academic knowledge and practical skills related to functional foods and fermented foods, and it will thereby contribute to the development of the food industry and local industry as well. Currently it operates two departments (Functional Foods, Fermented Foods) for the Master’s degree programs.

  • Homepage location
  • Special Graduate School, Division of education and training (Student Hall 2nd floor, TEL +82-63-850-5139, FAX +82-63-850-5137)
  • Classes: 5 semesters (2 years 6 months)/Tues Thurs (night)