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About WKU

Founding Philosophy

Wonkwang University provides society’s future leaders a full integrated education that combines
knowledge and morality to realize the founding principle of Won-Buddhism, With this
Great Opening of Matter, let there be a Great Opening of Spirit.

University Motto

Cultivation of Both Knowledge and Morality
Practice of Moral Principle

Educational Goal

On the basis of the educational goals of the nation and the founding principle of Won-Buddhism, the educational goal of Wonkwang University is to prepare students to serve the country and to contribute to the progress of society. At Wonkwang, educators and students endeavor to acquire good moral sensibility to serve the community.

Educational Objectives


To creatively study academic theories
To foster the ability to apply theories
To promote the ability to adapt to the global information society
To preserve traditional cultural values


To foster moral character
To teach leadership skills
To promote democratic civil ethics

Community Service

To live in gratitude
To help realize social justice
To disseminate the idea of one global community