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Research Institutions

Wonkwang University is fully equipped with the R&D infrastructure to successfully complete our four signature programs. Various institutes conduct extensive researches on diverse subjects, such as politics, economy, social issues, culture, medicine and science, and with their achievements, they promise a bright future for our signature programs. These institutes never sleep to help Wonkwang University take flight as the number one university in humanities convergence with an emphasis on life.

Humanities Research Centers

Institute of Humanities Established in 1996, this research center is dedicated to providing various programs to promote the true value of humanities.

Institute of Won-Buddhist Thought

This institute studies the ideology, history, culture, and reformist ideas of Won Buddhism in order to contribute to the advancements of both Won Buddhism and humanities.

Cultural Content Research Center

This research center develops, studies, and teaches cultural tourism and environmental contents – the 21st century engine for sustainable growth.

Institute of the Mind Humanities

The institute is dedicated to researching the mind humanities and the electronic culture map for the in-depth understanding and resolution of the “mind” problems in the modern society.

Institute of Mahan-Baekjae Cultures

The institute studies and researches the Mahan and Baekje history and cultures to advance its distinctiveness to the region and to Korea.

Alternative Culture Research Institute

The institute conducts critical studies of the modern culture as well as the academic observations of the alternative culture.

Calligraphy Culture Research Center of Wonkwang

With subsections on calligraphy history, epigraph, Buddhist texts, calligraphy therapy, and typography, the center advances calligraphy in line with the trend of this era.

Institute of Cultural Heritage Preservation

The institute conducts a comprehensive study of the cultural heritage, contributing to the preservation, reclamation, and restoration of it, and the development of new cultural contents.

Peace Research Institute

The institute conducts the research and offers education on the peace ideology and theory in both East and West to achieve the proactive peace without war and structural violence.

Center for Content of Humanities and Social Convergence

This center conducts the research of the humanities convergence and develops the relevant content for the advancement of the industry and university competitiveness.

Medicine and Life Science Research Institutes

Wonkwang Research Institute of Medical & Life Convergence

Wonkwang is a top leader in medicine and life sciences with its R&D and network with industry, research, and government.

Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development

The institute contributes to the advancement of the Korean pharmaceutical industry with its theoretical and practical studies on pharmaceutical resources and technology.

Research Center of Traditional Korean Medicine

The center aims to advance the traditional medicine with science and information technology to promote it globally via seminar, dissertation and exchanges.

Research Institute of Biomaterial & Implant

The institute studies the theory and practice of biomaterials and implants to enhance the national health conditions.

Vestibulocochlear Research Center

The center seeks to shed light on the mechanism of vestibulocochlear functions to develop medicine and technology for treatment.

Research Center for Korean Medicine Science and Industry

The center conducts the joint research to promote the industry, enhance global competitiveness and develop traditional medicines with governments and companies.

Iksan Research Institute of Radiology

Established under auspices of the National Nuclear Energy R&D program, the institute develops the technology for the nano-imaging.

Wonkwang Brain Science Institute

The institute studies the brain from the perspective of life science and technology and seeks to emerge with IT, BT and NT to enhance the quality of life.

Bone Regeneration Research Institute

institute strengthens the platform of the university as the future leader with its pioneering R&D on the regeneration of damaged bone structures.

Research Institute for Metabolic Disorder

institute conducts the multi-faceted researches on metabolic disorders linked such as to obesity, diabetes, etc. for prevention and treatment.

Center for Metabolic Function Regulation

This center develops the basic technologies that will help control the metabolic disorders by studying the factors that affect metabolism, correlation, and control.

Research Institute for Health Promotion

The institute offers the integrative medicine/nursing education, relevant programs, applied technology, and systematic R&D to promote a better health system.

Research Center for Radiology-based Lung & Bone Disease

The center develops the quantitative imaging biomarker to be applied to lung/bone diseases, mobile X-ray imaging equipment, and smart medical information technology.

Institute of Medical Science

institute of Medical Science conducts the basic/clinical medicine researches to contribute to the advancement of medical science and public health.

Institute of Biotechnology

The institute
studies the function and the components of the body in order to understand the phenomenon of life and to develop/utilize the bio-resources.

Wonkwang Dental Research Institute

institute conducts the theoretical/basic/clinical research on dentistry and works with universities and research institutes to promote the public health.

Research Institute of Medicinal Resources

institute works with local governments and industries to study the basic/applied technologies that form the core of the regional industry.

Wonkwang Human Science Center

The center studies the basic theories and develops the applied technologies for medical and biology engineering, psychiatry, and bioscience.

Genomic Center for Immune Disorder

The center studies the genetic predisposition to common and organ specific immune diseases in Koreans and develops the early diagnosis and treatment.

Hanbang Brain Disease Research Center

The center develops the new traditional medicine such as using herbs and other natural sources for the treatment of brain diseases and to make the traditional medicine more practical.

Zoonosis Research Center

The center develops the vaccines and treatments for the zoonosis such as SARS, avian influenza, mad cow disease and brucellosis.

Regional Innovation Center for Next Generation Industrial Radiation Technology

The center studies, develops and analyzes the radiation technology and fosters skilled experts to sharpen the national competitiveness.

Digestive Disease Research Institute

The institute conducts the basic/clinical research on the digestive diseases common in Korea to identify the prevalence, prevent and treat the diseases.

Wonkwang Oriental Medicines Research Institute

The institute works with the industry to globally promote and advance the traditional medicine with modern science and launches relevant projects whilst fostering skilled experts.

Hanbang Body Fluid Research Center

The center studies the fluid control of kidney and cardiovascular system, hormonal control, and the basic theories from the perspective of the traditional medicines.

Research Institute of Skeletal System Disease

The institute studies the mechanism of skeletal system diseases and molecular control to develop the technologies to provide preventions and treatments.

Program for Next-Generation Experts in Traditional Korean Medicine Convergence

The program seeks to conduct studies, foster experts in the traditional Korean medicine convergence, and build the database for treatment and technology to promote the industry globally.

OMICS Convergence Center

The center studies various diseases from the perspective of genomics, proteomics and other disciplines to identify the causes, the mechanisms, and the treatments.

Green energy research institutes

Institute of Environmental Science

The institute studies the environmental management and preservation, safety review of the chemicals, toxicity, and others for environmental protection and healthy living environment.

Center for Advanced Electric Application

As one of the leading research institute on light source, the center develops the new sources of energy and designs state of the art technologies to save power and fostering skilled experts in this field of area.

Solar Cell Research Institute

The institute studies the maximum efficiencies of a solar cell structure and also the solar cell materials whilst conducting researches collaborating with local companies in the solar cell research and practices.

Research Institute of ICT Convergence Green Energy

The institute conducts the basic/applied ICT convergence and green energy research and collaborates with the industry.

Chinese Studies Research Institutes

Korean Chinese Relations Institute

Established in 2013, the institute specializes in Chinese studies to respond to the changes and study the ideal Korea-China relations and their mutual developments. The institute supervises four institutes: Korean & Chinese Legal Institute, Korean & Chinese History and Culture Institute, Korean & Chinese Politics & Diplomacy Institute, and Korean & Chinese Trade & Industry Institute.

Special Research InstitutesInstitute of Law Studies

The institute studies the theory and practice of the law and education methodology and provides the guide to legal aid and consultation so as to contribute to the advancement of studies of law.

Institute of Military Science and Art

The institute studies the use of the military force and conducts other basic studies for the advanced academic achievements including the education system.

Wonkwang Food Industry Institute

The institute leads the development of the food industry based on the interdisciplinary convergence for greater R&D and the research infrastructure for active collaboration with the industry.

Research Institute for Basic Science

The institute shares information in the form of basic and applied science to acquire new knowledge and promote the qualitative advancement in scientific studies.

Institute of Life Science and Natural Resources

The institute conducts the research and development of theory and technology on life and natural resources to sharpen the competitive edge of the agricultural sector and to contribute to the competitiveness between other universities.

Speech Information Technology & Industry Promotion Center

The center studies the production and the dissemination of the common speech databases for the challenges that the industries may face.

Healthy Family Support Center

The center utilizes various family health assistance programs for everyday applications to prevent family issues and to improve the functions of the family.

Institute of Police Science

institute conducts the theoretical and empirical studies of the overall criminal law in police science, forensic, and the criminal law.

Research Institute of Engineering Technology Development

The institute conducts the research and developments on the basic and applied science and engineering to contribute to the national industrial excellence.

Nano-science and Technology Institute

The institute studies the basic and applied nano-science and technology to map out the research agendas for the next generation to advance to a new sophisticated level of applied technology.

IT & BT Business Incubator

The incubator supports those who plan to start their own business with work space, shared facilities, management, and technologies to encourage those who propose a disposition for start-ups of local industries.

Center for Animal Resource Development

This center conducts extensive research and developments including: animal resource, breeding, academic support for the animal assisted therapy, etc.

Yoga Center

The center provides the document research and training programs to encourage humanistic achievements and attention to yoga and trains the experts to broaden their knowledge.

Childcare Information Center

The center works with childcare experts and institutions to provide the high-quality childcare services that are needed to childcare centers, parents, teachers, and children.

Work Experience Support Center

The center helps train the students to have practical expertise, find a job, and to supply skilled workforce to the local industries.

Start-up Training Center

The center offers classes on starting a business, assists business start-up clubs, and provides start-up consulting services.

Regional Development Institute

The institute conducts the studies on the local projects, issues and challenges for the development of the local community and welfare.

Grade 2 Sports Instructor Learning Center

The center trains the grade 2 sports instructors whose job it is to promote everyday sports at the public (company) gymnasium and the likings of it.

Convergence and Creativity Institute

institute studies the theory of convergence and practice to surpass the convergence of the local industries and the creative economy.

OLED Institute

The institute shares information and assists the individual and comprehensive studies on the development of the basic and applied OLED technology.

Youth Sport Institute

The institute conducts the
theoretical and practical studies of everyday sports to help the youth stay physically, mentally and socially healthy.

Institute for Life Resources Development

The institute conducts studies on living environment and life resources to apply the knowledge and technology to enhance the quality of life.

Business & Economic Research Institute

The institute conducts the research on the rapidly changing business/economy to contribute to the advancement of the country, companies, and to the society.